Heroic actions save occupants of burning vehicle


Tragedy was averted Saturday, May 25, thanks to the quick action of an off-duty sheriff’s deputy, his wife and neighbors.

According to Miller County Sheriff Louie Gregoire, Deputy Sgt. Matthew Burkhead, his wife Lisa and their neighbors, the McDowell family, jumped into action at the scene of a car accident on Route C in Ulman.

Gregoire said the vehicle involved failed to negotiate a curve, left the roadway, had a collision and caught fire.

Witnessing the accident, the Burkheads and McDowells immediately jumped into action and pulled the driver and several occupants from the burning vehicle.

“It is because of their quick response that no fatalities occurred,” said Gregoire. “I would like to praise each of them for their heroic actions. Civilian or law enforcement, the actions of the Burkheads and McDowells show that in times of crisis, our deputies rather on, or off duty, and members of our community will not hesitate to help those in times of need.”