10 game-changing strategies for finding the right summer camp

(BPT) - With the days growing longer and warmer, securing a suitable camp for your child can feel like an impossible task. However, finding the perfect camp experience for your kid this summer …
Within the gender housework gap, laundry is one of the most unequally divided tasks
Hampr analyzed data and used historical and academic research to find out why laundry remains one of the most unequally divided household chores.
New research suggests a beneficial link between erectile dysfunction medication and heart health
Hims reports on a new study that looks at the effects of taking erectile dysfunction medication on the risk of cardiovascular conditions.
10 states with the most uninsured veterans—and how the nation compares
Charlie Health reports on states with high rates of uninsured veterans and provides information on how to seek veteran-specific mental health care.
7 moments of Asian American and Black American solidarity
Stacker compiled a list of seven moments where Asian American and Black American solidarity paved the way for broad-stroke freedoms.
These states have the highest-quality home health agencies, according to patients
Vivian Health visualized data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to identify states with the highest-rated home health agencies.
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Teen mental health is in crisis in the US, and schools are ill-equipped to help

Sandstone Care analyzed data from the Institute of Education Sciences to see how American high schools are faring in providing mental health services.

No Child is Forgotten By Marine Toys for Tots

No Child is Forgotten By Marine Toys for Tots

(NewsUSA) - Marine Toys for Tots, known for its core mission of Christmastime charitable efforts, has evolved into a year-round force for good – ensuring that no child is forgotten any day of the …

Spilling the Secrets to Early Literacy

(Family Features) While there are no shortcuts to early literacy, consider these steps parents can take to promote the development of children's reading abilities.

How you can take better control of your asthma
(BPT) - Did you know 1 in 13 people in the U.S. live with asthma? If you or a family member have asthma, you already know how it affects your daily life. You may have coughing, wheezing and shortness …
Everything you need to know about mental health coaching
(BPT) - You've probably heard of life coaches and sports coaches, but how about mental health coaches? Just like it sounds, they take an active, goal-oriented approach to providing mental health …
New Musical Toy Collection Aims to Aid in Child Development
(BPT) - Tiny Love® is an award-winning global toy and baby products’ company that puts special emphasis on baby’s development. With Tiny Love’s new Tiny Rockers collection, …
Still haven't filed your taxes? You've got this! 7 tips to help you get it done
(BPT) - Haven't filed your taxes yet? It's coming down to the wire, but there's still time. You've got this! File instantly, even on April 15, when you do it online, and get your refund quickly, too …
Why young adults need to be empowered to advocate for their own healthcare choices
(BPT) - Sponsored by SanofiFor many people, young adulthood is a time filled with newfound independence and responsibility. Reality begins to set in, with “adulting” tasks becoming part …
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Decorate Your Way to a Festive St. Patrick's Day

(Family Features) Pairing Shepherd's pie and potato soup with green pints and Irish delights are surefire signs of St. Patrick's Day celebrations. A few seasonal touches are all it takes to complement a menu of corned beef and cabbage.

Truck-safe city parking: 4 innovations to protect cars and pedestrians

Illegally parked semitrucks are a roadside danger. TruckParkingClub explored solutions that can mediate the national truck parking shortage.

Moving is stressful enough, but many report negative experiences with professional movers due to rising costs and tipping fatigue

ConsumerAffairs surveyed 1,000 Americans and found that many had negative experiences with professional movers despite paying more than they budgeted.

Glow Forward with a Laser and RF Microneedling Treatment

(BPT) - It’s no surprise that one of the hottest beauty trends comes from a viral TikTok sensation.‘Glass skin,’ as beauty experts call it, refers to a smooth, dewy, and …

Upgrade your self-care ritual: 5 expert tips for a refreshing 'everything shower'

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6 ways to smell fresher from your pits to your bits

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New study shows that self-compassion can successfully benefit weight loss plans
Hers reports on how important self-compassion is to successful weight loss plans.
New study finds that brain structure changes cyclically throughout the menstrual cycle
Guava Health reports on a study that focuses on the relationship between hormonal health and brain structure.
The 'secret' auto insurance you didn't know existed looks into assigned risk pools, a lesser-known insurance option for higher-risk drivers offered.
7 Asian Americans whose discoveries changed the world
Using information from research publications, Stacker compiled a list of seven Asian American scientists and technologists whose work changed the world.
Is it safe to shop on Temu? Here are 5 scams to avoid on the popular online shopping platform
Spokeo warns that while Temu offers a promising shopping experience, consumers should be aware of potential scams.