March 27 - April 5


Wednesday,  March 27 –  Baked fried chicken, biscuit, mashed potatoes/gravy, country blend vegetables, milk.

Thursday,  March 28 –  Pulled pork/bun, coleslaw, baked apples, milk.

Friday, March 29 –  Easter dinner - Ham, roll, mashed potatoes/gravy, glazed baby carrots, banana cream pie, milk.

Monday, April 1 – Salisbury steak, bread, green beans, mashed potatoes/gravy, milk.

Tuesday,  April 2 – Chicken Parmesan, roasted broccoli/cauliflower, roast-ed garlic potatoes, fruit, milk.

Wednesday,  April 3 –  Spaghetti/meat sauce, garlic bread, salad, carrots, milk.

Thursday,  April 4 –  Chicken wraps, tortilla shells, black bean and corn salad, lettuce/tomato/onion, milk.

Friday, April 5 –  Scrambled eggs/sausage, biscuit/gravy, hash browns, fruit, milk.


Whole wheat bread/margarine and milk served daily. Soup served daily at 10:30 a.m. Subject to change without notice.